What you need to know before SEO HOSTING is suggested!

What do you know about Seo Services and SEO hosting? SEO Hosting is a newer concept since Google algorithms were first in use. This was not long ago but really all began in the 90’s and then with the explosion of E Commerce in the next decade. Those who have a common C level IP address who own their own domains across many sites sharing content and steering actions will benefit by knowing about this. The C level IP is the third segment of numbers in an IP and is usually the same number if your sites are dished up from the same server. SEO Hosts will create content across sites but a good one will not upset Google and Bing from making sure the keywords are authentic to the message being delivered. If your SEO host is simply seeding the same campaign message across your domain names, just to drive a shopper to a cart somewhere else, they are no good. In fact you can be penalized in your rankings or worse Google can blacklist you.SEOHosting_fullimage

Here is how it works. Web crawlers from Google and Bing search your content from the website to deliver the most relevant results. Its called indexing. I have observed it in process from a Magento website I once worked on. I am not a computer engineer so it was fascinating to me how I stumbled on it. A sudden flurry of activity hits the site all at once. You can see the number of visitors goes from say 20 users on the site to 120 on the site. By knowing about “whois” I searched the IP address as they were all the same and found they are often located in Seattle where Google or Microsoft’s computers are. The developers who write the code on these algorithms that are driving the crawlers and spiders do not want to be fooled by the ever evolving technical savvy of webmasters and SEO service companies. If you use SEO Services and your account manager suggests your can pay more to change the C level, don’t buy it! You want to wear the white hat with Google and Bing so are getting ranked high from a good organic SEO campaign.

If you are a small business who outsources your SEO Services and spend a ton of money having them go about seeding content among your related sites and are told this is good SEO Hosting, you just might all be fooled. So you need to understand how to avoid this so called Black Hat strategy and make your content relative to your website. If you do it wrong, as already mentioned, Google may even penalize you in your rankings so watch what you are doing! Make sure to do your research and hire a great company, like this SEO hosting firm!